Beaver Dam

beaver dam

Beaver Dam –

This is a beaver dam on the Purgatoire River in Colorado. I love how the beavers have to weave together so many sticks in a watertight pattern, and how they work so hard at it. Beaver dams are great because they create beaver ponds, which create habitat for tons of plants and animals.

One time on a hike with some friends we were walking by a really low river and we came across a big beaver dam and tried to dig into it. We got into it a little but it was so tight we couldn’t make much difference. So we started playing on these big boulders a little bit upstream and we found a big, swollen and stinky dead beaver stuck between two rocks. We tried to pop his swollen belly but decided not to because it would make us smell even worse. Then we pried him from the rocks with a big stick using it as a lever and let him float downstream.

I guess that story is kind of gross.

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