Blue Catfish –

blue catfish - Texas

Blue Catfish –

It’s always good to be out fishing for catfish, especially after a big rain.  During a rain the water gets stirred up and food comes along with the flooding.  The bite is “on”, we say.  Catfish use their cat-like whiskers to search the bottom of the murky water to find all kinds of food; dead stuff, live fish, plants, and even trash.

Blue catfish are the biggest catfish in North America.  They can be over 100 lbs.  Whenever you eat catfish you can’t take too big of a bite, or you might swallow some thin bones.  All fish have small bones to make them flexible and strong for swimming around.

Catfish are known to be very tough. Once when we caught two big cats we put a stick through their gills and carried them all the way back to our camp about two miles away.  When we got back to camp they were still alive and swam around our stock tank before we ate them.

People in the country sometimes hang big catfish heads on their fences to dry.  I think it looks pretty sweet.

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