Fall –

Fall western soapberry motte

Fall –

This little West Texas forest is beautiful this time of year, but it only stays that way for a couple weeks.  The trees are western soapberries and they grow in small groups called ‘mottes’.  They are the first tree to turn bright yellow.  They stand out against the brown grass and seem to glow.  Soon, the leaves fall and the motte is barren until next year.

Fall hunting can be delusional in the early morning darkness.  Sometimes you may think you see a deer or coyote, but it turns out to only be a mesquite tree or a clump of bunch grass.  In some cases a motte can look like a dinosaur in the dawn light.

Autumn can be crazy; football ending and basketball starting, the holidays, less daylight, and bad weather.  But fall is the best time of year to me.  All of the animals are moving around looking for food or migrating or mating.  Every time you go to the woods, something new is going to happen.

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