Ice Storms –

frozen yellow cottonwood leaves

Ice Storms –

Ice Storms shut everything down.  Roads and black-outs are the biggest fear.  Some roads become impossible to drive on and electric lines and poles break from the ice load they accumulate.  Sometimes you can’t open gates or doors because they are completely iced over.

But ice storms mean moisture, winter moisture which goes a long way.  The ice melts and soaks into the ground which helps the spring plants to grow.  The more snow there is in the winter, the better spring there will be.  We never get upset about moisture, no matter what shape it comes in.

Ice storms are beautiful in their covering of ice.  Leaves and tree branches freeze and they become crystal works of art.  Sometimes the ice on trees breaks their branches, but this is natural.  Ice prunes away the weak limbs to make the entire tree stronger.  Nature always has a way of never wasting anything.

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