Indian Blankets

Indian Blankets

Indian Blankets –

Indian Blankets are wildflowers that bloom in the summer and into the fall.  They grow everywhere around where I live.  Indian Blankets are native wildflowers which means they grow on their own in Colorado and Texas and all over the plains.  I love the way they spread out and have lots of colors like brown, red, dark pink and yellow.

Another name for the Indian Blanket is the Firewheel, which kind of makes sense because of the colors – red into yellow just like a campfire.  The Firewheel name reminds me of fireworks that my family shoots off on July 4th.

Wildflowers are sensitive to drought. In a year when we get lots of snow and fall and spring rains, there will be a blanket of these flowers across the pasture.  After years of drought, like now, and there will just be lots of brown dirt and burnt grass.

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