Mule Deer Doe –

mule deer doe

Mule Deer Doe –

This is a color photograph without any color.  During a drought, and during winter, the entire landscape on the plains becomes almost colorless.  So do the animals it seems, as this mule deer doe appears the same brownish-grey as everything else.

But the tough plants around her are very much alive, just as she is.  Can you spot the yucca, prickly pear cactus, and sand sage?  Mule deer live in rough country that is sloped up and down like where this doe lives.  Mule deer are not comfortable in flat thick forests.  They need canyons and mountains.

This makes them different from whitetails in almost every way.  Along with their habitat, the mule deer’s tail is black at the end and their antlers fork when they grow.  Mule deer also have much bigger ears, like a mule.  And somehow, mule deer does are graceful and elegant even in the midst of wild places.

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