Prickly Pear Bloom –

prickly pear bloom - yellow rose of TX

Prickly Pear Bloom –

In Texas, prickly pear is well known for its beautiful yellow blooms in the springtime. The lush flower has developed into a Texas trademark, The Yellow Rose of Texas. Most prickly pear blooms are yellow, but can sometimes be red or orange.

Prickly pears have big fleshy leaves or pads that have one inch spines all over them. These occasionally get caught in the side of your boot. Many people eat the de-spined pads, called ‘nopales’ when cooked.  I’ve had them – they taste kind of like green beans.

If you look into the waxy yellow bloom from the top it will almost always be moving!  The flower looks alive during the few days it is at its peak.  If you watch long enough you will see numerous insects in there pigging out on cactus nectar and usually a honey bee will emerge.

Can you see the honey bee leaving this ‘yellow rose’?

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