Texas Horned Lizard –

texas horned lizard

Texas Horned Lizard –

The Texas Horned Lizard has a lot of nicknames, like horny toad and horned frog.  Neither of those names are correct, of course, because it isn’t a frog or toad. I wonder who started all the toad/frog business?  I still call them ‘horny toads’ though, like everyone else.

This small lizard has two big horns on top of its head, and five long claws on the front and back feet.  It is full of colors such as brown, tan, black, white, and a hint of reddish-orange.  It has a white belly with black spots.

I found one with a wounded belly one time, but it had healed up pretty good.  These are friendly lizards and they eat the harvester ants that bite you.  You can turn them over and gently pet their soft belly and they will fall asleep right in your hand.

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