Horses –

This is Fancy. She is Papa’s horse who lives in West Texas. She is the horse I learned to ride on, and then I learned to walk, trot, saddle and bridle, and lope on. She is tan with a black mane and brown eyes. That color of horse is called a buckskin. She is a very gentle horse and I have many great memories on her.

She is the mother of five horses; Thunder, Whisper, Cinnamon, Snowflake, and Echo. Snowflake bucked me off when I was really little and all I remember is that I bit my lip and had grass in my mouth. Papa got rid of her about a year ago because she was kind of a mean horse.

I love brushing down the horses because you get to touch them as much as you want, and it makes them gentle and helps them get to know and trust you.

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