Rain gauge

rain gauge

Rain gauge –

Rain makes the green come out in flowers, trees and plants. With rain, it’s all green; without rain, it’s all brown. Rain makes the rivers flow and keeps all the animals alive too, by keeping the plants that they eat alive.  I love the smell of rain. It smells clean and fresh and moist.

It is pretty dry here and we haven’t got to shoot off fireworks in a few years. Every year on July 4th we shoot off fireworks from a big dried up lake pit and have a huge picnic and everything, but we haven’t gotten to for several years because it is so dry. Colorado and Texas have burn bans on in most places. That means you can’t even have a campfire.

You measure rain with a rain gauge. We got two whole inches of rain last week on our fields and now they are really green and growing.

I hope it keeps raining.

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