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Mule Deer

mule deer

Mule Deer – These deer are called “mulies” because their ears are similar to a mule’s ears.  Mule Deer are everywhere around my house.  They live in the tall grass fields and on the side of the mountains in the forest.  I see them all the time and […]

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Blue Jay


Blue Jay – The blue jay is one of my favorite birds.  I love the way it looks and I love the its colors.  They live here year round and you can almost always hear them screeching in the woods.  Their eggs are a light blue with […]

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Hognose Snake

hognose snake

Hognose Snake – This snake is called hognose for the tip of its nose.  The tip is turned up just like a hog’s, and it is used for the same thing too, digging in the ground.  This snake is non-venomous, although it looks like a cobra by […]

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Buck rubs

buck rub

Buck rubs – Bucks are male deer.  They rub their antlers on small trees which scrapes off some of the tree bark.  They do this first to scrape the velvet off of their antlers.  Velvet is a soft outer covering on the antlers that brings blood to […]

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